Baqrin Bearhunter is a happy-go-lucky Minotaur Barbarian, who seeks to partake in great fights, great drinks, and great fornication with his friends, whom he affectionately call his 'clan'.

His parent's were outsiders, not born to any clan. They lived in the wild without the safety and security of a Minotaur community. While Baqrin was still young, both his parents fell prey to a wild chimera.

After only a few days of living alone in the wild, Baqrin became lonely, so he set out to find himself a clan he could call home. However Minotaurs are not very welcoming to outsiders of their clan, and Baqrin was turned away from every clan without fail.

Baqrin, however, was determined to make friends. He decided to travel the world, seeking out extra-ordinarily talented people whom he could befriend, and make his own 'clan' out of.

The Battle for Dick Cozy Pass

Baqrin was travelling through Dick Cozy pass with a group of adventurers, gauging their skills to see if they were worthy of being part of his 'clan'.

Along the way, the party was ambushed by bandits who were dispatched with relative ease. After the bandits were dispatched, Baqrin smelt the distinct scent of alcohol a short distance away. Moving to investigate the smell, he came across Zobfosche with a flask in his hand. Upon sighting the Minotaur, Zobfosche downed the flask in mere seconds. This drove Baqrin into a wild rage, and he charged the human seeking blood.

He charged at Zobfosche, however the nimble human dodged out of the way. Seeing the commotion and seeking to put an end to it, Avitus fired an arrow at Baqrin, but the arrow didn't find its mark. Further enrage that Avitus would interfere in this affair, Baqrin charged him with axe raised and left a large cut down his chest. (ADD MORE)

Suddenly, Baqrin witnessed Elhand unleash a cone of fire from his hands into the woods in the distance. The screams that were heard made Baqrin's hair stand on edge, and he charged towards the woods. Upon arriving he found the charred corpse of a woman, and Elhand trying (and failing) to resuscitate a half-dead burned child.

Feeling sorry for the child, Baqrin also tried to resuscitate him using the method he learned from his Minotaur heritage. He grabbed the child and slapped him multiple times across the face trying to rouse him, however all he accomplished was a broken jaw. Galorash then came along and successfully medicated the child.

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